Quality is the life of a company. We regard product quality as our life. The company culture requests every worker to treat each tanks as a piece of art.

Whether you need a standard milk tank or request to customize a unique machine according to your factory requirements, we can help design it for you.

We’d love to help if you’re urgent to receive the milk tank. We can overwork to finish your milk machinery if you have special requirements on delivery time.

As a responsible Milk tank supplier, we has gained an excellent reputation in this industry by providing customers with high-quality machines and perfect services.

About Us

We Create The Best Dairy Product

We are dedicated to continuously improving all aspects of our daily operations. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to manufacturing milk tanks that adhere to the highest quality standards and our dedication to providing exceptional service to every customer.

With a global customer base spanning industries such as cosmetics, food, and chemicals, Ace has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the milk tank industry.

Our success is built upon our professionalism and dedication to understanding and fulfilling each customer’s requirements. Whether we are supplying machines from our standard range of milk equipment or customizing them to meet individual needs, quality is always our top priority and is thoroughly guaranteed.

By continuously developing and implementing new milk processing techniques to meet our customers’ evolving needs, we possess the experience, knowledge, and commitment to both quality and service, enabling us to address present-day Dairy processing requirements and those of the future.

We are committed to designing and manufacturing a range of milk tanks, including milk mixing, pasteurization, and yogurt fermentation. Our focus lies solely in the field of stainless steel tanks, allowing us to become true experts and professionals in this domain. We are eager to share our knowledge and experiences with our customers and strive to provide them with the best possible assistance.

Our milk tanks adhere to international quality standards and are highly valued in various markets worldwide. Additionally, we have obtained several certificates issued by government authorities and reputable third-party organizations, further demonstrating our commitment to excellence.