Horizontal type milk cooling tank

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milk cooling tank

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The cooling milk tank is primarily utilized to cool and store fresh milk or other liquids. It incorporates cutting-edge international technology, including an imported compressor, a safety and protection system, a microcomputer monitoring system, advanced techniques, and equipment such as polyurethane foam insulation and a honeycomb board evaporator. As a result, it serves as the perfect cooling and storage solution for pastures, milk factories, food factories, beverage factories, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Milk cooling tank

Principle and structure of direct cooling milk tank

The milk refrigeration tank consists of several components: the tank body, mixer, scrubber, refrigeration unit, and electrical control box.

The tank itself is designed in a horizontal elliptical shape. A layer of polyurethane rigid foam board is applied between the inner and outer tanks. This material provides excellent thermal insulation with low thermal conductivity, lightweight, high strength, and low water absorption properties, ensuring efficient heat preservation.

The product incorporates advanced design and manufacturing technology, resulting in reliable performance and meeting high standards for cooling, thermal insulation, and hygiene.

Features of direct cooling milk tank

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milk cooling tank
milk cooling tank
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