Efficient Milk Cooling Tank 500 Ltr

milk cooling tank 500 ltr

At the Dairy Industry, it’s crucial that milk reaches consumers in its purest form. Our Milk Cooling Tank 500 LTR offers an innovative cooling tank solution designed to meet modern dairy farms’ demanding requirements – this cooling tank preserves nutritional value while freshness of milk for consumers.

Milk Cooling Tank 500 Ltr stands as a testament to advanced dairy technology at the core of any dairy farm. Engineered with precision to manage 500 liters of milk effectively while maintaining an optimal temperature to prevent bacteria growth and protect its natural goodness, this reliable tank serves as an example of innovative dairy engineering.

Precision Cooling Technology: By employing state-of-the-art precision cooling technology, this tank rapidly cools milk to its ideal temperature, helping preserve freshness, flavor, and nutrition content of milk while minimizing time between milking and cooling. Furthermore, its energy efficient cooling system works without disrupting dairy operations in any way, ensuring seamless integration into dairy operations.


Milk Cooling Tank 500 Ltr Hygienic Design:

Maintaining impeccable hygiene standards in the dairy industry is crucial, which is why the Milk Cooling Tank 500 Ltr is constructed using premium-grade stainless steel – known for its resistance against corrosion and bacterial growth – for maximum hygiene standards and milk purity. Furthermore, its seamless design makes for easy maintenance, thus further decreasing risks of contamination and assuring its purity.

User-Friendly Interface:

With user comfort in mind, this cooling tank features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Digital controls enable dairy farmers to precisely monitor and adjust temperature storage conditions ensuring milk always remains at ideal storage conditions. Real-time notifications alert users if deviations occur from ideal parameters.

Space-Saving and Durable:

Dairy farms often find space constraints a major hindrance. The Milk Cooling Tank 500 LTR’s compact design provides an effective solution, as it fits neatly into tight spots without compromising its cooling efficiency or lasting years with minimal maintenance costs.

Environmentally Responsive:

With environmental sustainability of increasing importance, this cooling tank stands out for its eco-friendly features. Designed to be energy efficient while remaining performance driven, its eco-friendly refrigerants help lower carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.


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