milk pasteurization machine


Milk pasteurization machine is a kind of sterilization equipment specially designed for milk drinks or similar liquid materials. It’s an ideal equipment to extend the shelf life of materials by sterilization and cooling. The heating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling requirements designed according to different processes, different materials and different process combinations can meet the process requirements. With a variety of safety protection measures, high temperature, alarm and low temperature backflow. At the same time, according to users’ requirements, the automatic control system can be configured.

milk pasteurization machine

Control type:

Fully automatic control (PLC with touch screen), semi-automatic PID control.
Main equipment configuration:

  1. Plate heat exchanger;
  2. Material balance bucket;
  3. Hot water balance drum;
  4. Hot water pump;
  5. Product pump;
  6. Steam & Water Mixer;
  7. Electrical box;
  8. Stainless steel pipes and valves etc.
  9. Production Capacity: 500L-20T/H

milk pasteurization machine

Our Strengths:

  • Large output and small loss
  • Extend the shelf life of products
  • Can produce high quality products and preserve nutrients
  • Aroma can be added and mixed precisely
  • Application of high technology to save energy consumption
  • Multiple products can be produced on the same production line
  • Can be designed according to users’ special requirements

milk pasteurization machine features:

  1. Spirax Sarco steam control system, temperature difference accuracy: ±0.5℃
  2. when sterilization temperature is not enough, automatic reflow
  3. Closed material cylinder, CIP cleaning without spraying
  4. 4. The hot water adopts brazed plate heat exchanger, which has higher efficiency
  5. High reliability, reasonable structure design, high pressure resistance, easy and convenient maintenance;
  6. The equipment works for a long time;
  7. Easy operation and high production efficiency.
  8. The equipment is designed by digital heat balance calculation, and the heat exchange area and process required for product heating and cooling are accurately designed, so that
  9. In addition, the equipment has additional multi-stage cooling, adjustable outlet temperature, and is more suitable for cold filling.

Scope of Application

In addition to milk sterilization, this equipment can also be used for fruit juice pasteurization treatment as well as yogurt, ice cream premix and other liquid food pasteurization applications – making it highly applicable within both the food processing and dairy industries.

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