milk truck tank for sale

milk tanker for sale

The milk tanker is widely used for long-distance transport of milk or other liquid products. The tank is made of high quality SUS304-2B stainless steel; its shell uses high density PU insulation with new processes; all radii of inner corners have been made as large circular arc transitions to avoid dead angles; CIP spray balls have also been attached for easy cleaning purposes, thus meeting industry standards as well as food hygiene regulations.
A tank can help maintain milk quality during transport, improve hygiene conditions, reduce transfer costs and save on labour costs. In addition, when not transporting liquid milk, it can be used as a truck and easily removed – its tank can be downloaded.



milk tanker for sale

1-10 ton insulated milk transport tank

milk tanker
The tank body is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The tank interior and body are fine polished. The tank can be equipped with insulation and cooling functions. Can transport a variety of chemical raw materials, dairy products, oil and liquid food.

The tank can be set up into a number of silos according to demand, and can be divided into a variety of media at any time. It can realize pumping, draining, over the table, over the table, artesian and other functions.
Ventilation valve and static grounding floor should be set for sealing. Install fireproof cover, the residual liquid in the tank is less than 1%; Optional flow meter, level meter, safety locking device, overflow prevention device, etc.

Tank structure is divided into three layers: insulation layer, protective layer, insulation layer and tank lining.

  1. The tank frame tank is made of food grade 304 stainless steel plate, the tank can be made into 2–3 grids.
  2. The middle of the tank for insulation layer, with heat preservation effect, prevent the deterioration of fresh milk.
  3.  Tank outer layer (insulation layer and protection layer) with 2 mm thick 304L stainless steel plate.
  4. Each single tank has an independent unloading port (gravity port) and feeding port (tank mouth).
  5. Can be installed refrigerator, rock wool insulation, exhaust gas recirculation heater and stainless steel pump, so that the vehicle has the function of air suction.


Milk tanker Technical Parameter:

Tank volume2000L, 3000L, 4000L, 5000L, 6000L, 8000L, 10000L, 12000L, 15000L, 20000L
Temperature-20ºC~+40ºC,   liquid temperature:4+/-1°, temperature difference ≤ 2ºC.
Standard configurationQuick-opening sealed manhole, breathing valve, CIP cleaning pipes, material inlet (with valve)
MaterialSUS 304, Food hygiene grade silicone ring for seal
DimensionAccording to the size of truck chassis provided by customer

Key features of our milk tanker:

State-of-the-art temperature control systems installed on board our milk tanker allow precise adjustments to be made to maintain optimal milk temperatures to prevent spoilage during transport and reduce bacterial growth and development. This feature ensures optimum preservation.
Hygienic stainless steel construction: To ensure the milk arrives untouched by potential sources of contamination, our milk tanker is constructed from high quality food grade stainless steel that resists corrosion, is durable and easy to keep clean. This ensures safe transport.

Insulation technology: Our milk tanker features advanced insulation technology that serves two essential purposes – maintaining temperature and reducing energy consumption, both of which benefit our environment and the overall performance of this vehicle.

Secure sealing mechanism: Our milk tanker has an advanced sealing mechanism designed to prevent any leakage or spillage during transport, protecting the milk and complying with transport regulations and hygiene standards. This feature ensures both safety and compliance.

Real-time monitoring: An integrated monitoring system provides real-time tracking of temperature, pressure and other key parameters, allowing operators to make real-time adjustments to ensure milk quality and safety. This feature allows them to make changes as needed to improve production processes.

Customizable capacity: Our milk tankers are equipped with customizable capacities to meet the varying volume requirements of dairy farms and processing plants of different sizes – from local operations to large industrial plants – our tankers can be precisely tailored to customer specifications for optimal use.

User-friendly design: The milk tanker has an intuitive control panel designed for drivers and technicians. This interface provides quick and easy access to key information and allows adjustments to be made as required.

milk truck tank Benefits:

Preservation of Quality: With advanced features designed specifically to maintain milk’s nutritional integrity and freshness during delivery, meeting even the strictest quality standards, Milk Tankers guarantee its delivery without compromise to consumers.
Effective Milk Transport Solutions: Our Milk Tanker helps maximize transportation efficiency by limiting spoilage, cutting energy use, and offering real-time monitoring capabilities.

Compliance: With its secure sealing mechanism and built-in safety features, this container ensures compliance with relevant authorities’ transportation regulations and standards.

Versatility: With its versatile use in mind, our Milk Tanker can transport various dairy products such as raw milk, cream and other liquid dairy items with ease.

Our Milk Tanker provides reliable transportation of dairy products. Boasting cutting-edge features and dedication to quality, its innovative features reflect our dedication to the dairy industry’s success – experience its distinctive difference where technology meets excellence to protect dairy purity!


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